Ranald Lam Y. S.

Singaporean | [email protected]


Currently an undergraduate pursuing Computer Science at School of Computing, National University of Singapore (NUS SoC).

My juniors call me Rar the Cat.

Current Resume: Jul-2019


National University of Singapore
School of Computing
Pursuing Computer Science


Singapore-Cambridge GCE A-Level
Raffles Institution
6 Years Integrated Programme


Primary School Leaving Examinations
Wellington Primary School (Pri 1-3)
3 Years Normal Stream
Catholic High School (Pri 4-6)
3 Years Gifted Education Programme



Intern at Garena Online
Software Engineer Internship at Garena Labs

During my 2.5 months internship there, I played a major role in 2 internal projects - FastFood (SeaDinner) and Transify.
FastFood is the company's internal staff dinner booking system with a daily usage of 200 people.
Transify is a key software in the company's internal software development workflow as it allows staff from other regional offices to assist in translations. Transify allows non-technically inclined staffs to translate sentences required for the localization of the company's products and packages these into a developer friendly way to be used in many cross-platfom applications.

MAR 2017 - MAY 2017

Intern at TinkerTanker
TinkerTanker is a tech and education firm in Singapore offering programming classes and tech consulting for web and mobile applications.

During my internship there, I have created packages for the BBC micro:bit, to be used in the PXT development platform.

FEB 2017 - MAR 2017

Competitive Programming Trainer
School team trainer for Raffles Institution NOI teams
NOI Trainer for invited schools at NUS School of Computing

As a trainer, I had conducted algorithm lessons and set practice programming questions as well as original mock-contests for students to prepare them for the actual competition.

During my term as trainer (2013-2014), all 10 participants in the RI team were able to obtain medals. In 2014, the team even managed to obtain 6 golds and 4 silvers, the record for any school in the history for the competition.

NOV 2012 - MAR 2014 (RI NOI TEAM)
OCT 2015 - NOV 2015 (NOI TRAINING, RI)
OCT 2016 - DEC 2016 (NOI TRAINING, RI)
FEB 2017 - MAR 2017 (NOI TRAINING, RI & HCI)

NOI Scientific Committee
Member of National Olympiad in Informatics Scientific Committee
National Olympiad in Informatics (NOI) is an annual informatics competition organised by the National University of Singapore for students from pre-teritary institutions to compete in. It is modelled after the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI) and contributes to 50% of the selection process for Singapore's IOI representatives.

As a member of the Scientic Committee, we are to design and develop problems for the Olympiad. This includes refining the problem statement, coding out possible solutions and formulating the testdata for the problem. Each member generally contributes one problem and the committee will vote for the eventual selected problems.

18th NOI (2015)

19th NOI (2016)

20th NOI (2017)

RCSC Vice-Chairman
Vice-chairman of Raffles Computer Science Club
Raffles Computer Science Club (RCSC) is a CCA in Raffles Institution (Junior College) that consists of 2 sections: Programming, Multimedia. Club members learn and represent the school in competitions of these domains.

As a vice-chairman, I was generally more focused on the programming section of the CCA while the chairwoman was focused more on the multimedia section. Together with the EXCO members, we have trained members of the CCA about basic C++ programming and have prepared the more advanced members for the National Olympiad in Informatics competition.

Notable activities done during my term included joining a NUS Hack & Roll Hackathon as a CCA which I unfortunately did not win anything.

MAY 2013 - MAY 2014

RIICC Chairman
Chairman of Raffles Institution Infocomm Club
Raffles Institution Infocomm Club (RIICC) is a merit CCA in Raffles Institution (Secondary) that consists of 3 sections: Programming, Multimedia and Robotics. Club members learn and represent the school in competitions of these 3 domains.

In capacity as Chairman, I have organized various CCA activities such as overnight club bonding camps, CCA showcases, CCA open house booth and both trained and taken part in various competitions. Some of these competitions include i.code, strITwise, National Olympiad in Informatics, National Software Challenge (Algorithm).

In addition, I have also set up the riicc.sg club server in order to provide a platform for club members to host and develop web applications.

Prior to being a chairman, I was also heavily involved in the implementation of Inter-Primary Infocomm Challenge (IPIC) previously hosted annually by the RIICC.

OCTOBER 2011 - JUNE 2012


International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI)
The International Olympiad in Informatics is an annual competitive programming competition for secondary school students across different competing countries.

Every year, Singapore selects 4 representatives to represent her in this prestigious competition. The competition comprises of 2 contest days where contestants are tasked to solve 3 problems within 5 hours. The total score of both days are tallied the medals are allocated based on a 1 : 2 : 3 : 6 ratio (Gold : Silver : Bronze : No Medal).



Lee Kuan Yew Award for Mathematics and Science

The Lee Kuan Yew Award for excellence in Mathematics and Science was instituted in 1992. The awards are given under three categories—Secondary, Pre-University and Polytechnic.

National Olympiad in Informatics (NOI)
The National Olympiad in Informatics (NOI) is modelled after the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI) and is organized annually by National University of Singapore, School of Computing (NUS SoC).

Every year, each school selects up to 5 representatives to represent the school in this national competition. The competition is 4.5 hours and contestants are tasked to solve 3 to 5 programming problems within the stipulated time. Medals are then allocated based on a 1 : 2 : 3 : 6 ratio (Gold : Silver : Bronze : No Medal).

Asia-Pacific Informatics Olympiad (APIO)
The Asia-Pacific Informatics Olympiad (APIO) is an IOI-like competition for delegations within the South Asian / Western Pacific region. The contest is held online, with students competiting at contest sites within their own country or area.

Every year, Singapore invites the silver and gold medal recipients of NOI to take part in this online regional competition. The competition is 5 hours and contestants are tasked to solve 3 programming problems within the stipuated time. Only the top 6 contestants per country will be ranked and medals are allocated based on a 1 : 2 : 3 : 6 ratio (Gold : Silver : Bronze : No Medal) among those ranked contestants only.

Singapore Science and Engineering Fair (SSEF)
Singapore Science and Engineering Fair (SSEF) is a national competition where students exhibit their projects. In the finals, students will present to a number of judges from local universities, polytechnics, research institutes and private sector representatives and will be awarded medals.

Under the Raffles Science Institute (RSI), I was tasked to embark on a project titled 'A Novel Method for Forensic Detection using Adhesive Tape Recognition' whereby I investigated the possibility of using computer algorithms to aid forensic scientists in recognizing and categorize microscopic images of adhesive tapes.

Top in Computer Elective Programme Prize
This prize is awarded to the top performing student in Computer Elective Programme (CEP) in Raffles Institution every year.

2011 (SEC 3)
2012 (SEC 4)

Top in Chemistry Prize
This prize is awarded to the top performing student in Chemistry in Raffles Institution every year.

2011 (SEC 3)


dunJudge (previously mrJudge)

An online judge created for the internal training of Raffles Institution Infocomm Club. It has since expanded its reach to be used in Raffles Computer Science Club, Singapore International Olympiad in Informatics Training as well as internal training programmes of other secondary schools.
It has more than 70k submissions as of Jan 2015 and can be found at dunjudge.me
Its name and URL is derived from a Internet slang "Don't Judge Me" which suits the theme of an online judge, hoping to strike a chord with pre-teen students.

Online Judge Competitive Programming


Parrot is created for the i.code 2011 competition organized by Nanyang Polytechnic, School of Information Technology. It is intended to allow teachers to conduct polls to groups of students within the convenience of a phone. This application is currenly not maintained since the end of the competition.

Web Development


ZenStorage is a system designed to merge different cloud storage systems. By encrypting all traffic between the user, servers, and the data before relaying the latter to its own storage, there is added security. ZenStorage also adds redundancy based on technology currently used in high-availability hard disk solutions. The file is stored in pieces across the different storages and the redundancy technology means that should any one storage go offline or get compromised, the pieces that were in it can be recalculated from the other pieces.
ZenStorage is created for Hackatron Asia Singapore 2014 and has emerged as 1st Runner's Up for the entire hackathon as well as the Paypal BrainTree challenge. [Link]

Web Development Cloud Storage Hackathon


[email protected]

+65 8322-8031 I do not respond to calls, please SMS me


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